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Preparing for a Sustainable World

For people who don’t care about the Earth they should just get off; while for the rest of us we need to get on with cleaning it up. First though, we need a core strategy, one that is both simple and universal. But history has warnings about aiming for freedom through money, politics or religion: these only invites endless entrapment and dispossession. Fortunately, there is a peaceable and sufficiently secular approach available for the under-wealthed grassroots.

The strategies on which our Courses are based have always been at hand. What has changed is the light in which they can now be understood: through the last glimmers of the Petroleum Age glinting off the one chink of freedom left to us before planet Earth gets finally and forever swallowed up by planet Market: the fading right to grow your own food and save the seeds.
Starting with the universal need to build a better food supply for ourselves in partnership with the Earth – and leaving aside the religious, political and economic questions until the art of applying sustainability principles is common practise at the grassroots level – our courses explain from first principles the very framework necessary for true sustainable living.
In our courses you will find the key insights for unifying the two hemispheres of mankind, for healing the natural world, creating the Global Cooperative Forum that our future needs, and hopefully some tools for learning to live together, again.
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COURSE SERIES 1: Strategies for Recycling Abundance

Course 1.  Changing the Food System
– the looming food-related crises, and how to frame your ‘life’-boat

Course 2.  Applied Sustainability
– the processes that stabilise organic life can be applied to more than food and energy cycles

Course 3.  Social Citizenship
– how to live with other; beyond democracy, competition and civilisation

The courses in the series can only be taken sequentially.

These courses target Sustainability as a cornerstone principle.
Sustainability as a political and environmental framework has the potential to contain the excesses of wealthy self-interest, to restore the environment to a healthy balance.

They outline an approach to applying sustainability which is best expressed as a social discipline.